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Beating a World Record #3

Well…he DID IT! Matt broke the Guinness World Record for longest distance covered in an indoor gokart! In the end and under the excited eyes of the media, Matt completed 772.48km breaking the previous record of 733.6km. Although it’s not official he did it. Once it’s official, then a new official distance will be established […]

Going for a World Record #2

Going for a Guinness World Record is never easy, especially a Marathon/Endurance record over the span of 24hrs. It takes a tremendous amount of personal sacrifice, training, dedication and an unparalleled drive to succeed. Under my guidance as his coach/instructor and with a personal friend, Andrew Jordan, providing the professional medical supervision, Matthew Hayley is […]

Guinness World Record for indoor gokarting! #1

I guess the time has come that I can go public with this…We’re going for a World Record Attempt! For the last 2.5 months I’ve been coaching a rather special driver. What started out as just helping him indulge in his passion for driving and improving his skills, has now resulted in me becoming his […]

ILR Annual Exotic Car Ride Charity Event for the James Fund

ILR Annual Exotic Car Ride Charity Event In support of The James Fund To find a cure for Neuroblastoma Saturday, June 11th, 2016  at 1pm Powerade Centre in Brampton   This is your chance to ride in the exotic sports car of your dreams! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Cobra, Corvette, Audi R8, Lotus, Nissan GTR and […]

Winter Driving and Survival

Stranded in your car: Winter driving isn’t fun and some drivers have a visceral fear of it. Some people feel safe in their skills as a driver, or in their denial, and think that getting stranded in the snow would never happen to them. It’s a scarey thought so perhaps ignorance is bliss. It doesn’t […]

Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally

This isn’t the type of thing I usually cover but this could quite possibly be  the best adventure event of the year. Lawrence Hacking, a guy who’s been racing off-road motorcycles since he was 16 and was the first Canadian to complete the famous Dakar Rally back in 2001, has created the Overland Adventure Rally. […]

Touring Ontario – Preamble

When was the last time you just jumped on a motorcycle and took off for a few days? Well it’s been a long time for me but it will be more than just a few days and did require some planning as far as work schedules. Not so much for me, but my friend Fiona […]

New Uralist

Greetings everyone. My friend and I picked up her new (well it’s new to her) 2009 URAL Patrol 2WD on Apr. 2nd from Peterborough Salvage. We drove up in her car and with me being a more skilled rider, I was to pilot the Ural home to Toronto. This was also going to be my […]

Shifter Kart Promo Video

A few years ago I created this promo video for a company providing a shifter kart experience for those with the intestinal fortitude to try it. These karts are capable of doing 0-100km/hr in 2.1sec and 0-200km/hr in 6sec flat. Trust me! Oh and for the record, I was the driver of the ‘camera kart’. […]

National Awareness Motorcycle Conga/Ride

February 25, 2010 – Grande Prairie Alberta and Digby Nova Scotia: In early August 2010 a group of passionate motorcycle riders will leave Grand Prairie Alberta and ride across Canada to the Wharf Rat Rally, Canada’s biggest motorcycle rally in Digby Nova Scotia. Belt Drive Betty from the Busted Knuckle Chronicles, along with Mike Cole […]

Adventure Writers Wanted! is looking for new amateur writers to become contributors to the site. Have you ever dreamed of having your motorcycle travel stories published? Now is your chance to enter the world of motorcycle and travel journalism. TourByTwo’s Founder and Chief Editor, will review and judge potential candidates. Submit your 300-word (or 5min video) travel […]

“Fundamentals of Adventure Riding” with Lawrence Hacking

Earlier this year BMW Durham invited me to join a special offroading event. Designed for individuals who wish to improve their Adventure Riding Skills on back roads and light trails, we also had Lawrence Hacking as our guide and instructor. Lawrence is not only a professional rider but also the author of “To Dakar and […]

A Weekend of events, riding and a touch of heat-stroke

It all started in the wee hours Saturday morning when I went to bed at 1:30am but at restful night wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps I was excited about the day to come, perhaps it was my thoughts were filled about Stella and her trip to Colorado but for the life of me, I couldn’t […]

Banged Up Bikes…and Bruised Egos

ByThe Lonely Rider &Stella, The Riding Princess Sometimes ya just gotta get dirty, wet and even a little bruised and that’s exactly what we did. Recently, Stella picked up a new Yamaha WR250 and wanted to go play. It was only her second time riding the bike and she was eager to take it off […]

Country Cruise…

…and time to ponder life. Sometimes you just need to be alone and clear your head. Saturday was one of those days for me. A bunch of friends had decided on going on a great group ride on some nice country roads and up through Algonquin Park. Personally I just needed to be alone though. […]